What Can Be Done About the Effects of Motorized Transport on the Environment?

More and more people are concerned about motorized transport and its effects on the environment. Research has shown that motorized transport contributes greatly to noise pollution, environmental pollution and global warming which is the subject of heated debate across the world. Most vehicles depend on the use of petroleum products for fuel which results in the emission of toxic chemicals into the air. This is dangerous to our environment and to us. Take for example carbon monoxide which is a colourless, odourless and poisonous gas. In most cities it is safe to say that the highest contribution of carbon monoxide is from motorised transport.

Added to that is the issue of traffic jams that is plaguing many cities across the globe. In major cities worldwide it is not uncommon to be stuck in traffic jams for hours on end. Examples can be seen in cities like Seoul and Rio de Janeiro. It is very frustrating to be stuck in a traffic jam for many hours after a long day at work or school. How then can we work towards an environment which is free or at least has less noise pollution, is cleaner and not plagued by congestion on the road?

One way to combat environmental pollution is to consider using biofuels like ethanol which is environmentally friendly dmv appointment and can even contribute to the economic well being of a country. Biofuels like ethanol are made from starch crops an example of which is sugar cane. Brazil is a good example of a country that is benefiting from the use of ethanol as a biofuel.These will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles which means a cleaner and safer environment.

Another way is to discourage travel by personal car and encourage the use of public transport like buses. If for every one bus ten cars are off the road that is definitely better for the environment. It will help reduce noise pollution and the emission of carbon dioxide. Additionally people should be encouraged to use more non-motorized transport like bicycles and walking. These can be done by building walkways that are safe for pedestrians and cycle lane networks.

Lastly if people could travel less then that would certainly ease congestion and pollution to our environment. Instead of traveling to the market or bank if people can be encouraged to purchase groceries online and transact business online then this would mean reduced travel. These are issues that need to be taken seriously. Motorized transport is a real danger to our environment. We must act now to make our environment safer, cleaner and friendlier for future generations.

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