Top 5 Features of Mobile Photo Editing App

1: Selection
2: Color Correction
3: Focus and Blur Background
4: Pixel Clearing
5: Easy to Use

Every app gives many tools for editing but this app gives a variety of tools for editing such as classical filters, color changing tool, Blurring background tool, changing background tool, Sharpness tool and many others. Now we know about main features of this editing app.

In all editing app the main feature is Selection of certain area.Which we used for color correction, focus, blur and pixel clearing. Different types of selection are used for photo editing. By using this selection you can change your photo background also.

Color Correction:
In “Top 5 Features of Photo Editing App”, One feature is “Color Correction” which is very important that everyone finds it in every app because it is the main thing in editing app. Whereas colors are very important in life without colors life become boring and looks like black and white. That’s why colors are very important in everywhere. And only a expert floor plan editor use it properly because it is the main feature which makes a picture more adorable and beautiful. But in this app everyone use it and understand it easily. But everyone not makes such adorable picture as like an expert editor. And in every app some amazing filters are present to change coloring. But some skills are required to do it.

Focus and Blur Background:
According to editing, Focus means that thing which we are showing to others. The main work of camera is to capture that thing which is adorable and Beautiful and we are use camera only for focusing that thing. But if we work on editing app and we want to focus on certain thing blur effect is most useful to this purpose. And it can be a fast and efficient way to focus. Lens Blur, Motion Blur and Tilt-Shift are among the blurs effect most commonly used to blur photo background. And these blurs will help you to highlight your subjects in photo. And that blurring tools are available in this app.

Pixel Clearing:
It is main fact that how can we clear the pixel? How can we clean our photo?
It is very easy. You can clear the photo by doing little sharpness and focusing. By doing this many of them pixel are cleared. But it is the work of camera. A heavy camera like DSLR captured the cleared photo without sharpness or blurring and it focus on certain thing. But in this app many variety of sharpening tools are available to editing the photo.


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