The Must-Have Types of High Heels for Women

For some women, they may have a whole wardrobe of high heels but still complain that they can’t find the suitable pair to match their outfit. While for other women, even if they own only several pairs of heels in their closet, they can still rock their styles with the carefully selected footwear. The big difference lies in whether they choose the right types and how they pair them.

To present the best look for any kind of occasions, a pair of suitable and gorgeous high heels is undoubtedly the essential addition to your outfit. Only if you select the right shoes, you don’t have to break the bank to stuff your closet with many unsuitable pumps. Here I’d like to talk about several types of pumps that should be on the must-have shoes list for every woman.

Going for the classic style will never go wrong. Just like the little black dress, a pair of classic black high heels can be teamed up with any kind of attire for any occasion. Black, the most favorite color in the fashion world, embraces both timeless elegance and chic modern touch at the same time. Because of this, black pumps provide endless possibilities in styling and pairing. With such classic footwear, you can definitely create as many different styles as possible.

It is ideal to choose platform heels when Sheer Jumpsuit you need to stand and walk a lot. With the support of platform, the discomfort caused by heels can be reduced to a certain degree. Thus, compared with stilettos, platform pumps are more comfortable to wear. Thus, in daily life, platforms are definitely the best alternative of stilettos to go with your gorgeous dresses for work and casual gatherings with friends.

In summer, you must have at least a pair of sandal heels in your wardrobe. Strappy sandal is the most common and popular type of sandal heels compared with others. Wearing this kind of pumps with mini skirt and sheer blouse, you will be the most charming and sexiest lady on the street. Of course, they can also work well with your formal suits for formal occasions.

Sometimes, you may want to try something edgy and distinctive. Pumps with lace, studs, buckles or other detailing embellishments will be your ideal choice. The design may be fashion forward and the style may be not suitable for work, but they are worth owning when you want to change your style to show the different side of your personality. In fact, this kind of pumps can be the most amazing fashion adornments which will greatly enhance your glamour when paired with the right outfit in the right way.

Apart from the must-have types of high heels introduced above, there are also some other types that are worth investing. But what you should always bear in mind is that do choose the most suitable rather than the trendiest.

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