The Best Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

An Eastern Mediterranean cruise holiday takes you to a paradise that anybody will enjoy. The cruise will combine beaches, history and some of the best scenery in the world. Along the coast of Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt an Eastern Mediterranean cruise will entertain travelers from any walk of life. Cruising to this end of the Mediterranean also leads to where Europe meets Asia: right in the middle of the mosques and minarets of Istanbul.

Venice is well known for its canals and their gondola. Venice has to be seen to be believed, it is a photographers dream with sights and spectacular scenes around every corner. Venice boasts over 1400 years of historic architecture and culture. A top tip is to buy the 12 hour vaporetto ticket that will enable you to take in 50 palaces, six churches, four bridges and two open-air markets of the Grand Canal. Venice by night is a particularly romantic experience.

Corfu is one of the beautiful Greek islands and one The Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy of the most popular due to its stunning scenery and great beaches. Located just off the West coast of Greece, Corfu enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate along with its excellent beaches and surprisingly lush greenery. Corfu is littered with luxurious resorts but arriving by cruise ship gives you the advantage that you will land right in the heart of the action. Corfu has many sandy beaches but two of the best are the Agios Georgios…There are two of them, one north and one south.

Athens is a great location for a shore excursion. The area has some of the oldest architecture in the world and in fact the whole area is steeped with history and culture. It is a fascinating place to wander round with art and monuments around every corner. The Agora-Athens central market is a must visit and many a bargain can be had.

Istanbul is a unique location on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise. Istanbul is on the Turkish coast and is a popular stop for cruises. Istanbul and its bustling markets are famous throughout the world for bargain shopping. Get your haggling hat on because the locals expect you to haggle for everything. For many it’s one of the major highlights of an Eastern Mediterranean cruise.

An Eastern European cruise is something you won’t forget in a hurry. The cruise offers such a variety of destinations that each port will seem like a different world.

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