Ten Tips For Rental Car Safety

We’re all guilty of having just hired a rental car, jumping straight into it and driving away from the airport without giving a second thought as to the mechanics of the vehicle. Then, with taxis hooting, buses bearing down on you and cars heading straight towards you, you realize just how valuable it would have been if you’d taken a moment to learn about your rental car. So next time you hire a car from the airport, make sure it’s not more than you can manage and remember the following:

1. Check for scratches, bumps and blemishes, especially low down on the vehicle. If the car rental agent is making notes, make sure you do the same and that you’ve more than covered yourself.

2. Adjust your mirrors and find the best position. And not just your rear view mirror, but your side mirrors too.

3. Start the car to ensure that there are no strange noises and turn on the radio. More accidents are caused by drivers fiddling with radio dials than tesla model y side mirror replacement by speaking on cell phones.

4. Consult a map. The location of car hire lots is usually on the outer parts of the airport and taking a wrong turn could land you in international departures. Most car rental agencies will offer maps of your location so take advantage of this and save yourself the hassle.

5. Find the window controls, windshield wipers and indicators, and save yourself the embarrassment and hazard of using your wipers as an indicator.

6. Locate the lights. You’ll not only need to find the ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch in your vehicle, but also how to activate your ‘brights’.

7. Find the fuel latch and save yourself the humiliation of popping open your boot when filling up your car.

8. Check that your handbrake is down – the last thing you need is for the car rental company to smell burning brakes as you’re leaving the airport.

9. Make sure you have your luggage, kids and other personal belongings and head for the exit.


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