One Cup Coffee Makers – Simple and Convenient

One Cup Coffee Makers are a great option if you’re the only coffee drinker in the house. They’re also great if you live alone and don’t want to waste an entire pot for just one person. For the freshest tasting brewed coffee, it should be served within twenty minutes of brewing for the most delicious results. If the coffee is left on the burner it can become bitter or even burnt tasting. Thus this can ruin the flavor of the beans and become a waste. This is where single serving one cup reusable coffee cup makers become a great choice for that cup of Joe.

They are not only cost effective but extremely convenient as well. Most models come with a built in reusable coffee filter which eliminates the hassle of paper filters – saving you time and money as well. Also, most coffee experts agree that reusable filters result in better flavor and aroma, which adds to the assets of one of these types of coffee makers.

Another added benefit to single cup coffee makers is how quick they are. They work faster than a standard coffee machine – saving you both time and money. Most brew a cup of java in the range of thirty seconds to a mere minute. Also, many are designed to allow just about any cup or mug to catch the coffee, so your favorite Tweety bird mug or “best grandma in the world” cup can be used daily. Many people also like to use a travel mug, so they can brew their coffee in around a minute and hit the road – important to many early morning commuters.

One cup coffee makers can also be very versatile. Some one shot coffee makers can be used for hot tea or even espresso. To brew tea in a one cup coffee brewer, you have two simple options. You can heat the water in the machine and pop the bag in your cup to enjoy a cup that way or you can put the tea bag in the filter and run water through as if you were brewing coffee. Both are simple and delicious. Single serving espresso machines are machines that are heated on your kitchen stove and are small and lightweight enough for travel.

These coffee makers are cost and time effective as well as simple to use. They are also a great option for someone wanting to have their own small pot of coffee at work as well. So if you’re looking for convenience that results in a delicious java every time look into purchasing a one cup coffee maker!

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