Is the Carwash Industry Moving Towards Fully Automated Robotic Touch Less?

There are certainly some in the carwash manufacturing industry who are attempting to move the market to incorporate more fully automated robotic touch less carwashes. How could anyone blame them? The trade journals as well are reporting on this, of course guess who their biggest advertisers are? Many industry leaders estimate and theorize that in fact this trend is the future of car washing.

Well of course this is the theory, although one should be fore warned who; one talks to. If you are thinking of investing in a car wash you need to talk with the customers and their thoughts before buying that line of reasoning hook line and sinker. In fact you may find customer preference trumps someone else’s theory on how to make the most money and do the least amount of work.

Due to the rollovers long use of brushes and poor carwash experience you may find customers are not so into fully automated anything, without a little Carwash detailer more educating and that means advertising and overcoming their perceptions, which of course equates to the expense to do so. You see so many folks driver newer nicer cars; 15.5M, 16.1M 17.1M 17M sold in recent years and people are hesitant towards machines, although often price can over come this. Price points of $5 in larger cities or $3-4 for basic robotic run-through in other areas seem to help change consumer preference.

You see there are different categories of washes and most people do not like the roll over car washes and therefore those at the gas stations are not washing so many cars really, many are in disrepair, under utilized and that that is a waste of space or RE. It might be better to a $3.00 Burrito and Taco Stand on them. You would make more money, not have to deal with environmental? You see the issues?

Most of the carwashes you see are automated without attendants, but they do not do volume. We will soon be at a point that a no-touch car wash can actually clean the car well. I believe a light crew, one-two dryers after massive air blow and greeter would be best on a Flex Service, sublet a detail area on the side, if space permitted. And go for massive volume. Think on this.

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