Ignite Stream Energy: An Uncensored and Objective, Expert Third Party Review

If you’re reading this you’re probably evaluating Ignite Stream Energy and considering starting the business or you’ve already joined. This objective third party review will address all of the positives and negatives about the company, the product facts, pay plan, & way to get it front of your target audience and build with ease should you decide to join.

So who exactly is Ignite Stream Energy?

Ignite Stream Energy or Ignite “powered by” Stream Energy, assists people in Texas, Pennsylvania, & Georgia to lower their power bill by offering a lower kilowatt charge than the standard providers consumers use. Ignite is the network marketing arm of Stream Energy, which began the company formulation stage in 2004.

The Ignite Corporate Team are experienced in the network marketing industry, as ALL of them served a function in Excel Communications prior to joining Ignite Stream Energy. There has been some controversy with regards to genealogy recruiting and team moving from Excel. Regardless, that is one thing you can’t take away from Ignite Stream Energy – a management team who has industry experience. This is very important when evaluating a residual income opportunity.

You’re probably wondering how exactly how you would get paid as an Ignite Stream Energy Independent Associate, or are comparing this compensation plan to others in the industry.

The Ignite Stream Energy compensation plan is basically a classic 5 Level ‘Breakaway’ with minor modifications.

The first way to earn is ‘Immediate Income.‘ Ignite Stream Energy pays Quick Start Bonuses when you personally enroll 4 people with Ignite energy accounts, awarding a $100 bonus. This makes you a Qualified Director. If you personally enroll 10 personal Energy Accounts in 60 days you’ll get another $100 bonus.

You receive Business Builder Bonuses for helping your personally sponsored Ignite Stream Energy Independent Associates enroll Energy Accounts. As a Qualified Director, if you help your personally sponsored enroll 4 Energy Accounts in the first 30 days, you’ll receive another $100.

‘Residual Income’ in Ignite Stream Energy is called Monthly Energy Income (MEI). ‘Standard MEI‘ comes from personally enrolled and those sponsored by Independent Associates up to 5 levels. The levels to which you receive MEI will depend on your leadership position. This is where this type of compensation plan has the potential to get a little complicated for the average person.

Ignite Stream Energy associates can earn Unlimited MEI on the active Energy Accounts of the customers enrolled by the Independent Associates their your leadership organization to unlimited levels. The pay is based on your leadership level though; $.25-1.50.

‘Leadership Income’ comes from bonuses paid out based on your leadership position and the active number of energy accounts you have. You can loose your position and your income if you don’t maintain a certain number of active energy accounts each month.

Alright, I realize this is a lot so far, and maybe Cut The Cord overwhelming as it contains many hoops. Its always good to imagine it through your prospect’s eyes. How do you think somebody else would receive this information? It would be helpful if this Ignite Stream Energy compensation plan had a video instead of a PDF for associates and prospects alike.

In the next part, I’m going to tackle two more internal things in Ignite Stream Energy that still hang in the balance: 1) The age old debate with breakaway compensation plans 2) Will there be enough BV or business volume to create a substantial residual income for years to come.

So Is Ignite Stream Energy the real deal when it comes to a true residual income opportunity?

Many veterans in our industry criticize ‘breakaway’ pay plans like this. This type of compensation plan was created before super computers, which revolutionized our industry. That’s why some consider it to be antiquated.

Their central argument is that it can be to complicated to explain and teach for the average person, given there wasn’t a tool around to do the heavy lifting. Of course you should always set up a follow-up appointment anyway, but if the time is right, you want to be able to do a simple ‘napkin presentation’ on your Ignite Stream Energy business or any company you join.

The other challenge with the Ignite Stream Energy breakaway compensation plan deals with leader growing. In breakaway pay plans, when you have an amazing leader take off, you loose a piece of that income.

In concluding this section, Leadership Income can be paid to an unlimited number of levels, but only to the Ignite Stream Energy reps who are in the Director’s leadership positions. Leveling Out is when a Director in someone’s leadership organization promotes to the next leadership position and all future Leadership Income from the new leadership organization goes to the new leadership position.

Many networkers have moved away from these sorts of pay plans but many people like them, its really up to you.

The other huge piece you have to consider when evaluating whether Ignite Stream Energy can be a substantial and long term residual income opportunity for you, is business volume.

This industry runs on monthly BV and if you don’t have consumable products where large amounts of BV can run through your business organization, you better plan on being a recruiting machine. When you have a service based MLM like Ignite Stream Energy, it takes a lot more numbers to make it happen. You really have to be a great ‘leader grower’ and attractor if you’re going to build and Ignite Stream Energy business. It would take hundreds and really thousands of energy accounts to create a substantial residual income.

This touches on another key topic in network marketing; get into a business of services, commodities, or consumable products. There are quick a few different opinions on this for sure! I can’t wait to see the comments: )

Some believe its great to have something nobody else has. Many prefer quality consumables that get results which are emotional for people, because they order more and more every month. Depending on what it is, its important to note that finite resources can also dry up.

The real question is what is emotional for you, what are you passionate about, what would make you jump out of bed? Not a J.O.B. – get it…jump out of bed… couldn’t resist: ) Its crucial to consider what the largest trends are, and is the company you’re evaluating addressing them?

Being that energy deregulation is a 400 Billion dollar Industry, I’d say that’s one of the great things Ignite Stream Energy has going for it. Not to mention their incredible growth chart so far. I truly believe, as I have seen this before and why it lacks in other companies, that the vast majority of this growth can be attributed to experienced leaders who have been in the field. Success leaves clues.

There are four phases of growth in a network marketing company: 1) Formulation 2) Concentration 3) Momentum 4) Stability

The best time to join a company is NOT when its in pre-launch or formulation, or even concentration. In pre-launch, you have no idea if the company will even be around in six months since 2000 MLM’s are started in the US every year and only 100 are left at the end of it. In Formulation and Concentration, there are still tons of kinks to be worked out from the products & services, to having marketing & training materials varied and readily available.

A gem is if you can find a company that is in ‘Critical Mass,’ the point right before the transition into momentum. Ignite Stream Energy is far into its Momentum phase. Typically when a company is about to hit stability (1 Billion), its a sign that the market share has been taken and there are endless competitors with similar offerings out there.

This may not be the case for Ignite Stream Energy as we are just seeing states begin to deregulate. The challenge will be, how will they break far away from the pack of the others in MLM energy de-regulation?

Whether you partner with Ignite Stream Energy or not, you’re still going to need to learn how to market!

Ignite Stream Energy reps will need to learn how to market. As we know in this industry, our companies don’t teach us how to market, they advise making a list of friends and family, passing out flyers at the mall, and talking to everyone within three feet.

How do you plan to continuously get in front of your target market???

(***Something to note here actually- if you want to do this and market, Ignite Stream Energy charges you $99 to become a ‘Marketing Associate.’ Also, you have to pay $24.95 a month to maintain your website. Since this is uncommon for such a successful company, if this bothers you, do you think it might bother those you present it to? Food for thought.

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