Beautiful Black Bathrooms

In bathrooms far and wide, black is back when it comes to bathroom furniture and decor, as homeowners in search of a touch of drama for their bathrooms turn back to that old classic. Dark colours can ramp up the glamour of a room, and there’s no limit to the availability of black at the moment: black sanitaryware, black bathroom furniture, black tiles, black wall paint, black accessories…

Of course, we’re not suggesting you go all out – a 100% black bathroom would be very difficult to live with! But black bathrooms don’t have to look dark or Dubai sanitaryware feel small if you’re selective in your use of the shade. How can you go over to the dark side with confidence?

First of all, you must make a choice. Is your room large enough and bright enough to take a lot of black? If not, do you love the drama of an all black room with white accents, or would you prefer your black bathroom fittings to stand out against a white or grey toned backdrop?

It’s all about contrast, so take a look at what’s available and try to see pieces next to each other, if possible, to understand how they’ll work for you in practice. Unless your bathroom will be super well lit, your black bathroom furniture won’t stand out at all well against a black wall: if you want to saturate your room in black, think about tricks you can use to provide some contrast within this scheme. White grout lines on a black tiled wall, for example, should allow your eye to focus more easily on the fittings or furniture along that wall.

Opting for white bathroom furniture and all white sanitaryware will give you the freedom to go for dark hues with abandon in your wall and floor coverings. This scheme would take some pattern well, too: try subtly patterned wallpaper on a half tiled wall, and add interest to your bathroom cabinets with glamorous door furniture.

Your sanitaryware can provide a white accent against a black backdrop, and your bathroom furniture can be black, white, or indeed a mixture of the two, as black worktops are available for many ranges of white bathroom furniture to add some built-in contrast. Use contrasting tiles to break up your wall colour: black or charcoal sections of wall against a white background and vice versa. You could also add colour through tiles, tiling alcoves or splash backs in a feature shade.

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