Attractive Jewelry Wire Facts

There is not just one type of jewelry wire. There are several different types of wire used to create jewelry and for each different type there are different gauges of wire. The gauge of the wire tells you how big around it is.

When you are making vintage looking pieces the best jewelry wire to use is the brass. Brass is a copper and zinc allow. It has a natural golden color. When you let it sit in the weather and age it will take on a greenish hue like an antique piece of jewelry would have.

Brass wire looks wonderful when it is antiqued and when it is new and raw. It cost far less than sterling silver does, and it is far cheaper than gold filled wire is. The price you pay for this item makes it a frequently chosen type.

Stainless steel wire is one of the top quality types of kawat stitching jewelry wire. With stainless steel you never have to worry about it rusting or discoloring. It will not turn the neck of the wearer green, and it has a very strong tensile strength. When this type of wire is bent on a sharp angle it tends to break easily. You will likely need to go to the hardware store near you to find this product.

Copper is a very soft form of wire that is easily bent and shaped. It has a reddish brown coloring that makes it look warm to the eye. Paired with turquoise beads this wire stands out dramatically and brings out the intense hue of the turquoise. It is cheaper than the gold filled alternatives or the sterling silver wires.

Sterling silver is one of the best types of wire to use in the crafting of jewelry. Most people are not allergic to it and it does not tarnish like brass. The problem is that sterling silver is very expensive and that means the final product will also be expensive.

Gold wire is either gold filled wire or wire that is measured in karats. When the wire is measured in karats you are going to pay dearly for it. This is the most expensive of all of the different jewelry making wires available.

The gold filled wire is a little bit misleading. This is not wire that is filled with gold, but wire that has twelve karat gold bonded to it to make it appear to be gold. It is durable and attractive to use, but it is more expensive than many of the alternatives.

Niobium wires are anodized to make them different colors than the original grey they come in. They are very hypo-allergenic and people who are allergic to gold or silver can generally wear jewelry made of these. This product can be very expensive.

The cheapest of all the wires to use for necklaces, bracelets, and rings is the memory wire. It is actually made of stainless steel that has been plated with gold or silver to create the illusion that the item is made from those metals. You do need specialized cutting equipment to cut this correctly.

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